7 Promising reasons why you need to be consistent while building your Brand.
Consistency while building your brand means delivering your brand message using the same visual elements and tone-of-voice in every graphic and piece of content produced. However, it also means taking actions that are aligned to your core brand values and belief to create a delightful experience for your consumers.

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February 20, 2023
The word consistent in branding means “Delivering the brand message that is in alignment with the brand identity and the core brand values to create the desired experience for customers”. When we talk about bringing consistency to your brand, we mean using the logo in the prescribed way, using a set of colour palette, set of fonts, shapes, visual illustrations, type of imagery and tone of voice that are pre-defined for the brand and taking actions that are aligned with and demonstrate the core brand values and beliefs.
With the growing competition that every business faces, Branding is more significant than ever right now. While, it may look like a compilation of visual elements such as; an icon, logo, colour palette, typography and other elements on the outside, but it is a complete identity of your business and creates a personality that your targeted audience can relate to. Hence, it is very critical to build a strong brand identity for reasons that benefit the business immensely.
Creating a brand identity for your business is one thing and delivering it consistently is a different game all together. However, one of the key factors of a successful brand is being consistent with it. Here are 7 promising reasons why you need to be consistent while building your brand;
Reason 1: Differentiates your brand
As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you must be aware of how crowded your marketplace is and how difficult it is to stand out from the competition. Take any product or service available in the market or your product or service, for instance. You will find quite a few people or businesses offering the same product or service. The more people offering the same product or service, the more saturated becomes the marketplace.
When you build a strong brand identity and deliver a brand consistently, you create a space for yourself in the market. Consumers become aware of your brand and start to recognize them. They set your brand apart from the competing brands and businesses in the market leading the consumers to choose you over them.
Reason 2: Shapes a perception
Branding consistently allows you to shape how your brand is perceived. It means what they think and feel about your brand. Delivering the right brand message that is aligned to the core brand values creates a positive perception in your consumers’ minds. The consumer will never even think of you if they can’t relate to you in any way.
Consistent branding helps mould that perception of who you are, what your brand stands for and brands’ personality in the consumers’ minds. Think of it this way, with branding consistently you can control how your consumers think and feel about your brand.
Reason 3: Improves your brand awareness
Brand awareness is nothing but how memorable your brand is to your audience. However, any brand doesn’t become memorable within one instance. It takes several interactions with your target audience for them to become aware that your brand exists.
Businesses that are consistent with branding are much more visible than the ones that aren’t. Consistent branding leads to interaction with the target audience creating more engagement.
Reason 4: Your consumers start to recognize you
When you are consistent with delivering your brand, your consumers will start to recognize you. They will be able to identify your brand mainly through a logo, colour palette, typography and tone of voice used by the brand. They may also recognize your brand through the tagline, content, packaging design, sound or any other elements created while branding.

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Brand recognition is the ability of consumers to recognize your brand characteristics to your competitors. Brand recognition with a positive experience can also lead to higher customer recall value.

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Reason 5: Your brand feels dependable
Consistency with anything, including branding, shows that you have a clear perspective of your goals, objectives and deliverables. You know what you want to achieve and, you are taking the necessary measures to accomplish it. When it comes to branding, communicating and interacting consistently with your consumers makes you an accountable brand.
When a consumer experiences consistency with your brand, it proves that you are dependable and can rely on your brand for the products and services you offer to them.
Reason 6: Builds trust & loyalty
Brand consistency is the key to earning customers’ trust. Most often, consumers stick to the brand that they can relate to and have had a positive experience. It’s because when consumers interact with your brand, they know what to expect. They know the feeling, they know the experience, and they know what the outcome is going to be which leads them to feel fulfilled about using your products or services.
If you are inconsistent while branding i.e., if you keep making changes to the brand consumers may not feel or experience the same. It can lead them to having doubts about what to expect and whether or not the job will be done. When you deliver your brand consistently in return, you earn the trust of your consumers’. Trust creates customer loyalty for your brand.
Reason 7: Your consumers feel connected
When your brand is consistent, consumers know your brand. They know what you stand for. They know what do you value and believe. They may also have an idea of what you are trying to achieve. When your audience has a similar values and beliefs, they will connect with your brand on an emotional level.
Feeling connected on an emotional level to a brand creates ownership. This means the consumers feel the brand belongs to them. Consumers that are connected and feel the ownership of your brand are likely to make a purchase and even recommend your brand to others.
It is never too late when it comes to creating consistency in your brand. However, it is important to bring clarity in what you do, why you do, who is your target audience and align your action steps before starting a business or making changes to an existing one.
To summarise this post, here are 7 Promising reasons why you need to be consistent while building your brand;
Reason 1: Differentiates your brand
Reason 2: Shapes a perception
Reason 3: Improves your brand awareness
Reason 4: Your consumers start to recognize you
Reason 5: Your brand feels dependable
Reason 6: Builds trust & loyalty
Reason 7: Your consumers feel connected
Being consistent while branding means delivering the brand message consistently using the defined logo, colours, fonts, shapes and other visual graphic elements and also taking actions that are aligned with the brand. This ensures visibility, awareness and recognition across all advertising and marketing platform and touch points creating a seamless experience for both your existing and potential customers.
To conclude this post, a brand that delivers consistently creates a positive experience for its consumers’ bringing them comfort and peace of mind making a brand stronger than ever.


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