Discovery call with Haarshit Gala

What to prepare for the call?

There are mainly 3 things that you need to be ready with so that the call can begin right away:

1. Be ready with your story and background;

2. Write down your goals and objectives that you want to achieve;

3. Get a brief idea about what kind of company do you want to build and the vision you have.

Who should book the brand discovery call?

This brand discovery call is perfectly suitable for visionary entrepreneurs and business owners who are planning to start a new venture, looking to re-brand or expand their existing business.

Why book a discovery call?

A discovery call is a chance for you to share your existing or new goals and objectives of your business and discuss any pain points or challenges that you may have with an expert. If you’re a new business or looking to start one you can share your background, the thought & idea you have for the business, the goals & objectives you want to achieve, the vision you have for your business and discuss how can you build a thoughtful brand. I will answer to any questions or queries that you may have to the best of my ability.